Staff Roles

Future mentors and changemakers



We are growing with aims to reach underserved populations across the country. With this in mind, we are seeking passionate mentors with research experience to support STEM education and equity in scientific training. Mentors provide the horsepower of this organization. There are multiple fronts for which we are currently accepting applications. We would be delighted to have you take part in various leadership and mentorship opportunities.

Primary Mentor

5-10 hours per week in the summer

The mentor serves as direct contact for students to develop an individualized summer project. This is a very fulfilling role: with two to three students to mentor in the summer (or more, depending on your availability), you will directly navigate mentorship for young, budding scientists! In addition, you will be able to develop a summer curriculum. While we have previously developed a program-wide curriculum, you will be able to provide feedback and edits to continually improve our teaching.


  • Current undergraduate or beyond
  • 1+ semester- or summer-long experience in neuroscience-related research (including but not limited to biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science, and other related STEM fields)
  • Some foundational knowledge in neuroscience (e.g. neurons, basic biological concepts)
  • Passion for teaching
  • Cross-cultural humility and good interpersonal skills

Computational Mentor

5 hours per week in the summer

The computational director provides education on computational techniques that are typically involved in scientific research. You will be involved in developing a computational curriculum and working with students to help address computational tools/issues that arise in projects, while fostering excitement (rather than fear!) for these methodologies.


  • Current undergraduate or beyond
  • Experience in R, Python, and other scientific programming languages (open-source preferred)
  • Some foundational experience in biological research (e.g. basic biological concepts)
  • Passion for teaching
  • Ability to explain difficult concepts in layman’s terms



5-10 hours per week, summer or yearlong

The program administrator serves to enable the growth and effective reach of this program across underserved and marginalized populations. We foresee a great need for this role as we want to expand this program to those who have the greatest need for STEM resources.

You will be responsible for leading this diversity initiative. Your role will include searching for, contacting, and understanding the community surrounding these schools to provide our program as a resource. To that end, you will work closely with these communities to identify ways that the NMP can best support these needs. To support this endeavor, you will develop the resources and infrastructure, such as a program website. In addition, you will be providing support for the development of Sci-MI into a nonprofit.


  • Current undergraduate or beyond
  • Passion for diversity and inclusion in science
  • Cross-cultural humility and good interpersonal skills
  • Some past experience with administrative work and/or website development
  • Leadership skills


As program director, you will be responsible for shaping the future vision and mission of this organization. In particular, Sci-MI aims to develop into a formal nonprofit organization and expand the community it serves beyond neuroscience and beyond select few high schools. Further, Sci-MI aims to expand into other fields of STEM, which requires great initiative on the part of the director. Across all of these expansion efforts, the director will support the CEO as a member in the board of advisors.


  • Current undergraduate or beyond
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Passion for STEM equity and education
  • Long-term experience in STEM- and research-related pursuits (e.g. long-term experience working in a lab, teaching science, etc)
  • Experience with fundraising and grant writing
  • Optional: experience with nonprofits and legal supports in developing an organization